12 killed in Egypt protests

12 people were killed and more than 300 wounded in Egypt protests calling for President Morsi's resignation

12 killed in Egypt protests

Anti-Morsi protests were marred by clashes between his supporters and foes, killing 12 people and leaving more than 300 wounded.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters joined mass rallies on Sunday and demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi across Egypt, particularly in capital Cairo.

Tamarod (Rebellion) movement, one of the backbones of anti-government protests called on Morsi to step down by July 2.  The movement also announced in a written statement they would launch civil disobedience  throughout the country.

"Some 22 million people signed for Morsi's resignation and early election. We are representing those people. Morsi is no more Egypt's official president," said the statement adding the protests would continue across the country by July 2. 

Egypt's Presidency spokesperson  Omar Amir said, "Egypt's Presidency is not underestimating the capacity of the protests and respects people's legitimate demands. President Morsi is ready to negotiate to find a common solution which will please all segments of the society." 

Amir said they would not let any foreign countries interfere in the internal affairs of Egypt and they would take every attempt into consideration to stop the crisis. 

9 offices of the Muslim Brotherhood at the Cairo headquarters were attacked by the protests shouting anti-Morsi slogans.


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