20 trucks arrive in Bangui with food supplies

Twenty trucks loaded with food supplies arrived in Bangui on Saturday.

20 trucks arrive in Bangui with food supplies
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Over twenty trucks loaded with food supplies  and other essential goods on Saturday arrived in Bangui, the troubled capital of the Central African Republic (CAR).
"MISCA forces escorted the trucks right from Garambula boarder until Bangui to ensure that the drivers and the merchandise on their trucks arrive here safely," General Martin Tumenta, the commander of the African peacekeeping force, told a press conference in Bangui.

Tumenta said MISCA would also escort empty trucks leaving from Bangui to Garambula, on the border with Cameroon.

"We have warned truck drivers not to leave Bangui or Garambula without military escort because anything could happen to them along the way," said the top African peacekeeper.

Prior to the arrival of the trucks, prices of essentials like sugar, cooking oil, flour and grinded maize flour had skyrocketed in local markets.

"We are happy that MISCA has helped to escort the trucks," Alexander  Gondipe, a local resident told Anadolu Agency outside BARC police station, where the trucks are currently parked.

"At least now the prices will go down and we shall not starve," he added.

Abdul Majid, a truck driver from Cameroon, said he accepted to drive his truck to Bangui after MISCA forces offered protection.

"Two months ago, I was attacked by militias along the way," he told AA. 

"They tortured me and my assistant," he recalled.

Abdul Majid said he militants had ransacked the truckload before they freed them.

"Without security I will never dare to come here."

Landlocked CAR depends on imports, including food, from neighboring countries such as Cameroon, Chad and Congo Brazzaville.

Hundreds of thousands of people had been displaced by the conflict, which erupted in March of last year.

Most them depend on food aid from humanitarian organizations.
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