African Muslim leaders aghast at Trump victory

Fears grow of worsening relationship with US after Donald Trump's presidential win

African Muslim leaders aghast at Trump victory

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Muslim leaders and activists across Africa have reacted negatively to Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S presidential election, with some expressing fears he could intensify global conflict.

Iqbal Jassat, an executive of Islamic advocacy group, the Media Review Network, said he feared Muslims will be targeted under a Trump administration:

“We can expect an intensification of the ‘war of terror’ along with all illegal activities spawned by it, such as rendition, torture, detention, drone warfare and Guantanamo-type hell holes.”

He said the election of Trump would have grave consequences for Muslims across the world, but most especially those in the Middle East.

“Islamophobia, as espoused by Trump and the military ambitions of his party to wipe out what it describes as ‘Islamism’ are interconnected. The danger thus posed cannot be confined to certain geographical locations,” Jassat said.

Jassat claimed that although there was no imminent threat to Muslims in South Africa, Trump’s presidency would affirm an extreme right-wing agenda which is at the core of the U.S. Republican Party.

“It is likely therefore that notwithstanding South Africa’s sovereign status, the Trump administration is more than likely to expand its manipulation here,” he added.

A leader of Mozambique’s Muslim community, Sheikh Ameen Uddin, said he was astonished that Americans could elect Trump despite his rhetoric’s about minorities and Muslims in the United States.

“This shows there is moral degeneration in the United States,” he said via telephone from Mozambique’s capital Maputo.

Ameen Uddin urged Muslims to focus more on solving their personal problems instead of worrying about who won the U.S. election.


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