Algeria arrests 2 for 'inciting violence' on Facebook

Suspects were arrested for inciting sectarian violence between Arabs and Berbers.

Algeria arrests 2 for 'inciting violence' on Facebook
World Bulletin / News Desk
 Algerian police on Saturday arrested two people in the country's central city of Ghardaia, accusing them of inciting sectarian violence on the social networking website Facebook.

"The suspects were arrested on separate occasions as part of an investigation into incitement of sectarian practices between Arabs and Berbers via social networking platforms in the central Ghardaia province," a judicial source, who requested anonymity, told The Anadolu Agency.

"Investigations around one of the suspects revealed that he managed a Facebook group that incited sectarian violence in Ghardaia," the source added.

He noted that the second suspect appeared in Facebook videos and photos with inflammatory contents.

He said the two suspects were detained upon a court order pending their trial.

Since December of 2014, Ghardaia – located 600km south of capital Algiers – has been the scene of on-again, off-again sectarian violence between Arab and Berber residents.

The violence has so far killed ten people and led to massive riots.                                   


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