Benghazi celebrates 'freedom' from Gaddafi / VIDEO

In videos, taken by Dr.Hamza Mousa, Libyans celebrated the liberation of the east of the country from Gaddafi.

Benghazi celebrates 'freedom' from Gaddafi / VIDEO

By Dr.Hamza Mousa / Libya, World Bulletin

An Egyptian doctor with other volunteers, reached the aid to Libyans stranded in the unrest, told World Bulletin first impressions of the chaos in Libya.

Dr.Hamza Mousa, who joined the voluntary teams, one of the first comings, said, in their private cars, they carried a trunk full of aids, medicine, drugs to support Libyans.

-World Bulletin (WB): How did you get inside libya?

- Dr.Hamza Mousa (HM): Well, first of all, I didn't know that I will travel to libya, I heard about people collecting money to buy medicine and aids for libya at Rabaa Aladwayea mosque, so I called them through my brother and joined them. Soon as I arrived them, we start moving with their private cars and a trunk full of aids, medicine, drugs to support Libya. We moved to Masi Matrooh city to get rest and change the trunk, then we get to Salloum city at the Egyptian-Libyan border. As we arrived there, the army at the Salloum's gate denied us to get into the city, but they approved the aids trunk to get to Libya. They told us to go to Masi Matrroh, back to Egypt. We refused then we stepped back before the gate, planning for a strike or protest and not to get back to Egypt until we get the doctors inside. After few hours waiting, we heard noises, cars, people. It turned out the locals at the Salloum City heard about us. So they quickly organized huge protest to get us into the town and then to the borders. We get into the town, finally ..

-WB: Could you tell us which city you went?

-HM: At the town, we were 2 teams , one came with aids from the people, which I came with, started at Rabaa Aladwayeaa Mosque in Nasser city at Cairo. The other were Jan 25 , protesters, doctors who were working in Field hospital at Tahrir square. In Salloum, we reogranized ourselves in 2 teams. One will get back to get more aid and medicine. The other team decided to enter libya by night, I decided to get some rest and move at day. At the 2nd day, I rejoined a team from Arabic Doctors Union with Aids and doctors at the borders 5 KM far from Salloum city.

Soon as we arrived at Libya, the people there were so happy about our arrival, they drove us to eat dinner because most of us didn't eat any meal for hours, then we continue our journey till Albidda city, we checked the hospital at there , then to Benghazi city.

-WB: How are people and security at the moment there?

-HM: In Benghazi, the people " locals " formed a unit with the commandos who joined them fighting against Gaddafi troops to ensure citizens and foreigners safety .

-WB: What kind of casualty you saw at hospital?

-HM: Gun shots, mostly in head, chest, thigh, abdomen. Also they used different type of weapons, as weapons meant to defend against air plans and heavy armour as tanks, some of the killed were died by RPG .

Also as a doctor, I noticed different type of gun shot injuries. I haven't seen before its classic inlet with very destructive outlet meant to destroy human tissue .

-WB: Have you seen any fighting between people and Gaddafi supporters now?

-HM: No, I have not, but I collected many videos for the missing days around 50 GB photos and videos to get them to Egypt and to the media. Then I am planning to get back to get more videos and photos .


In videos, taken by Dr.Hamza Mousa, Libyans celebrated the liberation of the east of the country from the rule of Muammar Gaddafi, who has vowed to crush the revolt and on Wednesday was trying to assert his grip on the capital Tripoli, in the west.





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