Boko Haram spox killed in NE Nigeria

Army says the militant was killed in a joint operation between the army and the Airforce

Boko Haram spox killed in NE Nigeria

A spokesman of Nigeria's Boko Haram terrorist movement has been killed in a military operation in the country's northeastern Borno state, the army said late Saturday.

“Reports available reveal that one Sale Ahmad Sale a. k. a. Baban Hassan the leader of Al-Barnawi Media group, a faction of Boko Haram was killed by a joint operation conducted by the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Airforce,” according to the statement.

The statement said the spokesman was in the camp of Abu Musab Al-Barnawi, factional leader of the Boko Haram officially affiliated to Daesh.

“The killing of the media leader is indicative of efforts by the Nigerian Army to eliminate key members of the sect. It is worthy to note that the sect is directly affiliated to the Islamic State and has carried out several attacks against own troops and innocent civilians in the past.

“Therefore, the death of the group’s media leader shows that the leadership is being targeted successfully and soon other key members would be apprehended or neutralized, thus decimating the group and its activities,” it added.

Last week the Nigerian military said two top Boko Haram commanders were killed in a military offensive in Borno state.

Nigeria has been battling Boko Haram insurgency since 2009 when the group turned violent following the death of its former leader Mohamed Yusuf in police custody.

No fewer than 20,000 people have been killed, mostly civilians, while 2-3 million have been displaced from their homes across the Lake Chad region.