Brotherhood warns Egyptians against 'opportunists'

Brotherhood urged Egyptians to protect the revolution.

Brotherhood warns Egyptians against 'opportunists'

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's best organised political force, on Friday urged Egyptians to protect the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak from those who might try to pervert it for their own gain.

Mohamed Badie, leader of the group, said the revolution had started to bear fruit and that Egyptians should not allow "the chance for opportunists to kidnap it and its accomplishments".

"This is an Egypt that cannot be deceived," he added in a Friday message posted on the Brotherhood's Web site.

Badie reiterated that the group would not seek the presidency or a parliamentary majority in free and fair elections promised by the military council ruling Egypt.

"(The Brotherhood) has no appetite for the presidency, or a majority or temporal positions," he said.

So far, the Brotherhood, Egypt's best organised opposition force, has been a major winner from the mass uprising that forced Mubarak from power.

It has a member on a judicial committee set up by the military council to propose constitutional amendments and the movement is enjoying unprecedented recognition from the state which has officially banned it for decades.


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