Burkina Faso may close borders for general election

The Burkina Faso election is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday

Burkina Faso may close borders for general election

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Burkina Faso is setting up checkpoints at the country’s borders and will eventually look to close its borders for the upcoming general election, Burkina Faso Security Minister said Friday.

Alain Jean-Claude Zagre, Burkina Faso security minister, held a press conference to give details about the election in the capital Friday.

"Within the scope of election security, borders can be closed," Zagre said.

He said that the country was ready for the general election this Sunday, which includes the presidential election, and tightened security measures have been put in place.

According to the Burkina Faso Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), 14 candidates are running for the presidency.

Moreover, a total of 81 parties will present candidates in the general election, including 4,870 men and 2,074 women MP candidates for 127 seats in the country's parliament.

On Sunday, around 5.5 million registered voters are eligible to go to polls.

Burkina Faso’s elections will end the transition established after a popular uprising that ousted President Blaise Compaore in October 2014.

A national election was initially scheduled for Oct. 11, 2015 -- the country's first since Compaore was toppled one year ago after 27 years in power and replaced by Interim President Michel Kafando.

Burkina Faso’s transition to democracy was shaken, however, by a failed coup attempt on Sept. 16. Kafando was however reinstated after being briefly arrested by the coup leaders.


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