DR Congo: 30 civilians killed during clashes

Administrator of Masisi territory asks authorities to provide adequate security to civilians

DR Congo: 30 civilians killed during clashes

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At least 30 civilians have been killed in eastern province of Democratic Republic of Congo in clashes between two armed groups.

According to police, the clashes began on Thursday in Masisi territory of North Kivu province that continued on Friday.

Police officer Edmond Lekuu told Anadolu Agency the clashes erupted between Nyatura tribesmen and the militants of National Council for Renewal and Democracy (CNRD), a dissident branch of the Hutu Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda.

“CNRD fighters attacked the Nyatura in their villages and then heavy fight ensued, Lekuu said, adding most of the dead are Nyatura people.

The CNRD rebels often attack local villages for food and other necessities.

The police officer said that apart from the people who died from bullets, as they fled, others were burnt in their houses.

In a statement, administrator of Masisi territory Dieudonne Tshishiku said he regretted the attack and requested authorities to provide adequate security to the civilians.

Clashes between armed groups are common in eastern DRC due to presence of numerous militia groups. There are also armed rebel groups from Uganda and Rwanda which at times attack civilians.

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