Egypt's Brotherhood loses another professional union

The Pharmacist Syndicate is the fifth professional union to be lost by the Muslim Brotherhood since Morsi's ouster by the army

Egypt's Brotherhood loses another professional union

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An Egyptian court on Monday ordered the sequestration of the Pharmacist Syndicate, which is mainly controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, the movement from which ousted president Mohamed Morsi hails, a judicial source has said.

This will be the fifth professional union to be lost by the Muslim Brotherhood since the ouster by the army of Morsi, the country's first-freely elected president, after the January 2011 revolution.

The judicial source said the court of urgent matters, whose rulings can be appealed, had ordered a judicial committee to run the affairs of the Pharmacist Syndicate after dissolving its Muslim Brotherhood-dominated board.

Four syndicate members had previously filed a lawsuit calling for sequestrating the union, accusing its board of allowing the Brotherhood to dominate it.

The four members also accused the board of the Pharmacist Syndicate of using the union's resources to serve the interests of Muslim Brotherhood union members at the expense of other union members.

The Muslim Brotherhood was branded a "terrorist" movement by the Egyptian government late last year. The movement, which has been spearheading opposition to the current authorities for more than a year, says its opposition is limited to peaceful protest.

The board will appeal the verdict, however, and pursue legal means to defend the rights of syndicate members, according to Mohamed Saudi, a senior syndicate board member.  

On August 31, an Egyptian court rejected a lawsuit demanding the sequestration of the Pharmacist Syndicate against the background of Muslim Brotherhood domination.

The Muslim Brotherhood won 20 of the syndicate's 24 board seats in elections held in March 2013. The head of the syndicate is also a Muslim Brotherhood member.

The Pharmacist Syndicate is one of the most important professional unions in Egypt, containing around 180,000 members.


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