Egypt's Mursi ready for coalition gov't

Morsi blamed the opposition for refusing an initiative that includes forming a coalition government.

Egypt's Mursi ready for coalition gov't

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Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi has warned against attempts to undermine his constitutional legitimacy, blaming the opposition for refusing an initiative that includes forming a coalition government, holding parliamentary elections and amending the constitution.

“Violation of the constitutional legitimacy threatens the democratic process and freedom of expression in post-revolution Egypt,” the presidency said in a statement obtained by Anadolu Agency.

“Legitimacy is the only guarantee for stability and to avoid violence, thuggery and lawlessness.”

Morsi reiterated commitment to a several-point initiative he had outlined in his televised speech to the people late last night.

“The roadmap is based on forming an interim coalition government under a consensus prime minister to run the remaining period before the parliamentary election within months,” the presidency said.

“This is our path to move forward.”

Morsi blamed the political deadlock on the opposition for rejecting his repeated calls for dialogue.

“The presidency holds a number of political parties that have boycotted all calls for dialogue and reconciliation responsible for the deadlock. We call on all political and national powers to put the national interest above all.”

The presidency warned against imposing a certain roadmap on the Egyptian people.

“Whoever thinks Egypt will move back or the constitutional legitimacy and the revolution could be undermined is mistaken,” said the statement.

“This scenario will undermine the process of building state institutions.”

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets to demand Morsi’s resignation and early elections.

Opponents accuse the Islamist president of being incompetent to run Egypt’s affairs.

Supporters say Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, must complete his four-year term.

An army deadline for Morsi and the opposition to find a solution to the political crisis expires Wednesday.

But Morsi has rejected the ultimatum and said respecting his legitimacy was the only way to solve Egypt’s crisis.

At least 37 have been killed in clashes between opponents and loyalists since Sunday, June 23.

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