Egypt's Tamarod calls for keeping Mubarak in prison

Tamarod, which led calls for the June 30 protests that culminated in the ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi, blamed the latter for Mubarak's release.

Egypt's Tamarod calls for keeping Mubarak in prison

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The Tamarod (rebellion) movement has called on Egyptian officials to keep toppled President Hosni Mubarak behind bars under Egypt's emergency law.

"Mubarak's release is natural in light of the refusal of the [Mohamed] Morsi regime to examine reports issued by fact-finding commissions about Mubarak and his officials," the group said.

Tamarod, which led calls for the June 30 protests that culminated in the ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi, blamed the latter for Mubarak's release.

"Morsi did not issue a law for transitional justice that would have guaranteed the trial of whoever was charged with killing martyrs or was involved in corruption," it stated.

On Wednesday, an Egyptian court ordered Mubarak's release after accepting an appeal filed by his lawyers against charges that the former president had received millions of Egyptian pounds worth of "gifts" from flagship state daily Al-Ahram while in office.

It was the last case for which Mubarak had been remanded in custody.

The former president's release from prison is expected on Thursday, according to Assistant Interior Minister for the Prison Sector Mustafa Baz.

The Egyptian government declared a state of emergency last week after violence engulfed the country following the dispersal of two major anti-coup protest camps in Cairo, which left hundreds dead and thousands injured.

The state of emergency allows security forces to arrest citizens without charge and carry out searches of homes and vehicles without judicial permission.

Tamarod said that it plans a "popular trial" for Mubarak in the coming days.

"What had happened under Mubarak -- corruption, killings, destruction, the undermining of political parties and [Egypt's] falling into the hands of the United States -- are sufficient for him to receive the heaviest popular penalty," the group added.

The so-called "Judges for Egypt" movement, meanwhile, described Mubarak's imminent release as the "fruits of the [July 3] military coup."

"The release of Mubarak will return us to the pre-January revolution era; the same regime will come back," movement coordinator Walid Sharabi told the Anadolu Agency.

Earlier on Wednesday, the April 6 youth group described Mubarak as a "criminal".

"Mubarak has committed crimes against the people," group spokesperson Khaled al-Masri told the AA. "He [Mubarak] is a criminal, whether or not he is acquitted by the court."

The Muslim Brotherhood, for its part, said Mubarak's release would usher in a peaceful "popular movement" in the coming period.

"It [Mubarak's release] is the starting point for a peaceful popular movement in the period ahead," Mokhtar al-Ashri, head of the legal committee of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, told the AA.

He insisted, however, that the ousted president's release did not represent the "defeat" of Egypt’s January 2011 revolution.

"The revolution has learned a lot and will continue to face this new reality peacefully," al-Ashri asserted.

Mubarak was ousted in early 2011 after having ruled the country since the 1981 assassination of president Anwar Sadat.

On Monday, the former leader was acquitted of embezzlement charges in connection with his alleged use of public funds to renovate private villas.

Mubarak -- along with his two sons, former interior minister Habib al-Adly and six of the latter's aides -- also stands trial on charges of complicity in the killing of unarmed protesters during the 2011 revolution that ended his 30-year rule.

But the criminal court overseeing the trial said the ousted leader could be released, since he had already served the maximum time legally allowed -- two years -- for temporary detention.

A first trial, which ended with a life sentence for Mubarak, was overturned by an appeals court early this year on grounds that the trial had been marred by procedural errors.

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