Ethiopian king showed kindness to refugees

Ethiopian historian says Prophet Mohammed asked companions to migrate to Ethiopia to escape persecution in Mecca

Ethiopian king showed kindness to refugees

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An Ethiopian historian on Sunday said the world could a learn a lesson in dealing with the ongoing refugee crisis through examples of compassion shown by the kings of his region to the companions of Prophet Mohammed who fled Mecca fearing for their lives.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Adem Kamil Faris said Ethiopia was the first country to welcome the suppressed companions of the Prophet with open arms.

Faris, who has authored five books on Ethiopian Islamic history, said the Prophet had personally directed his companions to "go to Al-habeash [Ethiopia where] there is a king who does not suppress anyone”.

"The Negashi are a model for current leaders in showing compassion to refugees," he said, referring to the Ethiopian title used to represent an emperor in older times.

Negasi Armah, the king of Ethiopia from 614-631 AD, hosted the companions of the Prophet.

Faris said that Islam reached Ethiopia even before Madinah, a city in Saudi Arabia where the prophet migrated with his companions following persecution in Mecca, and where eventually the first Islamic state was formed.

He asked for support from Turkey in conducting research to unveil the contribution of Muslims in history.  

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