Five Libyan troops killed by mortar in Benghazi

Five troops from the Libyan army were killed in a mortar attack in Benghazi.

Five Libyan troops killed by mortar in Benghazi

World Bulletin / News Desk

 At least five Libyan troops were killed late on Friday when a mortar landed in the eastern city of Benghazi where pro-government forces have been fighting against a mix of armed brigades, medical sources said.

Benghazi is just one front in a complex conflict involving Libya's two rival governments, and loose alliances of armed factions as well as armed forces taking advantage of the chaos to gain ground.

"Five members of the Libyan National Army were killed when a mortar shell landed among them late Friday evening," the medical source at Benghazi's Al-Jala hospital told Reuters.

The source said at least 20 troops had been killed in fighting in June. LNA Mohamed Hejazi said their forces had been fighting in around six districts in the city.

"These militant groups have become individuals who are taking high building as posts. The militants have also booby-trapped all houses and streets," Hejazi said.

Army forces loyal to Libya's internationally recognized government have been fighting several groups inLibya's second-largest city as part of a wider struggle since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.


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