For 4th day, Ethiopian army wages aerial campaign on Tigray

Government says 4 days of sorties destroyed military training centers, while UN, aid workers report civilian casualties.

For 4th day, Ethiopian army wages aerial campaign on Tigray

Ethiopia said on Friday that its air force destroyed a military training center in rebel-held Mekele -- the capital of the troubled Tigray regional state -- while the UN and aid workers reported civilian casualties and damages.

"Another of the TPLF terrorist group's training centers was the target of air strikes today," the government's communication service told Anadolu Agency. TPLF is the acronym for the Tigray People's Liberation Front.

"This site used to be the ENDF’s (Ethiopian National Defense Forces) training center before being appropriated by the TPLF to undertake military training for its illegal recruits. It is also serving as a battle network hub by the terrorist organization," it added.

An aid worker who spoke to Anadolu agency said the latest strike had hit a civilian-populated area. "The area's residents say there are reports of civilian casualties and a lot of damage to civilian-owned infrastructure. The airstrike hit Mekele University and damage to the institution has also been recorded."

"First responders were civilians but emergency services have gone to the place," as well, added the relief worker.

Locals have denied that the Ethiopian jets targeted a military training center, saying that they hit an area with the building of an educational institution and was populated by civilians.

Hüseyin Demir