Gabon PM names new 40-member inclusive government

President Ali Bongo's supporters get critical government positions

Gabon PM names new 40-member inclusive government

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Gabonese Prime Minister Emmanuel Issozet Ngondet late Sunday revealed the new cabinet members including some opposition figures.

Etienne Massard Makaga, who is also the secretary general of presidency was appointed defense minister while Pachomius Moubelet Boubeya, former interior minister was appointed minister of foreign affairs.

Dieudonne Ngoubou remained as the minister of petroleum and hydrocarbons.

Bruno Ben Moumbamba, who was an opposition candidate in late August's presidential election  was appointed deputy prime minister in charge of urban planning and social housing.

Another opposition figure in the new 40-member cabinet is Biendy Maganga Moussavou from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), who was appointed minister of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The new government does not include main opposition figures who refused to recognize President Ali Bongo’s reelection, while Bongo’s supporters got the most important positions.

"This is an illegal government led by an illegitimate president. Its life expectancy is extremely limited. The people will not be fooled this time," Persis Lionel Essono Ondo, spokesman of main opposition leader, Jean Ping said.

The appointment of the new government came days after Bongo was sworn in for a second seven-year term.

Deadly riots erupted shortly after the election results were announced August 31, killing six people according to official figures and over 100 according to the opposition.


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