Gaddafi claimed to still be alive

Iranian and Egyptian media sources have claimed that the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is still alive.

Gaddafi claimed to still be alive

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Iranian news reports have suggested that the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is not dead, and is in fact living a secret life in one of Libya’s neighboring countries.

The first reports of his death being a hoax were published in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masri Al-Yawm, in a story written by independent journalist Abu Asad Abu Ghayla. He claimed that Gaddafi, who led his country for 42 years, had his leg amputated after a bombing by NATO fighter jets. After this, the report claims that he went to a neighboring country for treatment, where he returned to full health and is currently living life undercover. The story also claims that videos showing his last moments before his death were faked.

Further controversy surrounding his death was stirred recently when Muammar Gaddafi’s wife, Safiya, spoke to Voice of Russia. She demanded that the UN reveals where her husband and son Mutasim were buried, and also requested an investigation into how her husband was killed.

Gaddafi was last seen alive on 20 October 2011, when he was found hiding in his hometown of Sirte. His convoy consisting of 50 vehicles and 250 men were unable to escape from NATO airstrikes. He was later injured by a grenade and carried away by an angry mob. His dead body was later found battered and bruised in a canal.  

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ray - 7 yıl Before

I think its a reason why all the dictators are dissapering. I think there planning World war 3 .because its not normal that all at once are being killed can't be true .

Konstantin - 7 yıl Before

Rats did same to dead body of Mutassim Gaddafi. They make photos of dead Mutassim and Muammar Gaddafi, they filmed their unhuman acts over dead bodies. After they, possibly, burned bodies, also rats destroyed tomb of parents of Gaddafi and eliminate bones from that tomb.

Byenkya - 7 yıl Before

i also have a great feeling he is still alive , since these Americans don't like admitting to failure. and i know Osama bin Laden is also very much alive, even a person from forest can be able to tell that the video which was shown was all faked and untrue. these two guys are still alive.. How i wish they can come out to public!!!!!!!!!

wagi - 7 yıl Before

this is trying to remind the people of their past but i dont think it could be true and if so let him learn from what happened and love his country