Kenyan president blasts court over poll cancellation

The robes judges wear make them think they are superior to other Kenyans, charges Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyan president blasts court over poll cancellation

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A visibly fuming Kenyan president on Saturday hit out at judges' annulment of last month’s poll results, which frustrated his hopes of reelection to a second term.

In an unprecedented move, Kenya’s Supreme Court on Friday annulled the Aug. 8 election results, citing irregularities, and ordered the holding of new polls within 60 days.

Speaking to the party faithful at Nairobi’s State House, Uhuru Kenyatta vowed that if reelected, he would “deal” with the Supreme Court.

“Kenyans elected MCA [local assemblies], the results were transmitted, and no one asked any questions. MPs and senators’ results were transmitted, and no one asked questions, and they have been sworn in.

“Why is it that four people [Supreme Court judges] wake up and say there were irregularities in the transmission of the results of the presidential results only?” Kenyatta asked.

“It can’t go on like this, we must fix this,” he added.

“The robes they wear make them think that they are superior to the rest of us Kenyans,” said Kenyatta.

Chief Justice David “Maraga thinks he can overturn the will of the people. We shall show you that the will of the people cannot be overturned by a few people.”

Deputy President William Ruto struck similar themes, vowing that they will not allow the opposition to disband Kenya’s electoral body, which was accused by opposition leader Raila Odinga of tolerating electoral malpractice during the Aug. 8 general elections.

“If the opposition has a problem, they should ask their elected leaders to resign,” said Ruto.

In a statement on Saturday, the Law Society of Kenya condemned the two leaders’ remarks, calling them inappropriate.

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