Malawi repatriates 420 xenophobia victims from S. Africa

Hundreds of Malawians travel to South Africa each year in search of jobs

Malawi repatriates 420 xenophobia victims from S. Africa

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Malawi government has decided to hire buses from South Africa to begin the voluntary repatriation of nationals caught in recent xenophobic attacks.

"Following reports of anti-immigrant attacks in Durban that have affected some Malawians living there, the government has decided to repatriate Malawians who want to return home voluntarily," Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa told reporters in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

"We are hiring six buses from South Africa to be used to ferry people who voluntarily want to be repatriated to Malawi," he said.

"The buses are expected to arrive in Malawi from South Africa with the returnees on Sunday," added Nankhumwa, the government's spokesman.

Thousands of people from Malawi, Burundi, Zimbabwe and Congo have reportedly fled their homes in South Africa since a spate of xenophobic attacks and looting erupted two weeks ago.

Media reports said four people had been killed since the beginning of the month, including an Ethiopian man whose shop was petrol-bombed by a mob.

One Malawian was reportedly killed, but Nankhumwa could only confirm that 420 citizens had been caught up in the attacks.

"So far, only three Malawians have been reported seriously injured," he said.

"However, one person who was also heavily injured has been evacuated from the camp by his relatives, and he is being taken care of by his family," added Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa said the number of Malawians who had been affected is expected to rise.

Attack victims are said to have lost almost all of their property, including travel documents.

Nankhumwa said the Malawian embassy in Pretoria was processing temporary travel documents for the victims.


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