Mali to hold elections as soon as possible under ECOWAS conditions

Government regrets sanctions previously imposed by West African bloc.

Mali to hold elections as soon as possible under ECOWAS conditions

Mali’s government said Monday that it takes note of the final decisions of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which include sanctions.

"The government regrets the decisions taken and reiterates its willingness to continue the dialogue with ECOWAS" to hold "free and credible elections as soon as possible" according to the conditions of the bloc, it said in a statement.

The West African bloc on Sunday held its third extraordinary meeting in Ghana’s capital Accra on the situation in Mali and Guinea, its two members in transition after coups.

ECOWAS deplored the “lack of progress in the preparation of elections or the absence of a detailed timetable of activities for Feb. 27, 2022 as provided for in the transition charter.”

It decided to impose and tighten individual sanctions against Malian leaders.

These include freezing assets and banning travel for transition leaders and their family members.

The decisions "do not sufficiently take into account the deep aspirations of the Malian people and the efforts made on a daily basis by the transitional authorities to meet the country's multifaceted challenges and to achieve lasting stability," said the Malian government.

Hüseyin Demir