Marrakech: Morocco's capital of motorcycles

Young and old people, men and women, manual workers and professionals can always be seen on motorcycles

Marrakech: Morocco's capital of motorcycles

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 Motorcycles are considered one of the most important means of transportation in Marrakech, known as "the capital of motorcycles."

Young and old people, men and women, manual workers and professionals and even housewives can be seen constantly on their motorcycles.

"I had had a normal bike and I started to use a motorcycle six years ago after getting a new job,” Abdul Latif Bahi, a public sector employee, told Anadolu Agency as he waited at a gas station. “The motorcycle facilitated my daily life and I accomplish my needs quicker than before."

"Motorcycle sales here in Marrakech reached 30 percent of total sales of motorcycles in the country, as Marrakech is known for its large usage of motorcycles. The city is helped by its geography, which is free of highlands and hills," Mahdi Zureikm, owner of a motorcycle shop in Marrakech, told Anadolu Agency.

With regard to the prices of motorcycles, he explained that it starts from 5,000 dirhams ($509) to 10,000 dirhams ($1,018).

Zureikm said that all social classes in the community buy motorcycles and many families have cars and motorcycles at the same time. 

Shops in Marrakech not only sell motorcycles but also rent them out.

The motorcycles are rented by locals or tourists, who wander around the city to learn more about its architecture and historical sites.

Driving in Marrakech is different from driving in other cities in Morocco, as drivers take into account the large number of motorcyclists who move in all directions; it can be tough for drivers who are unfamiliar with such a huge amount of motorcycles in the streets.

"Motorcycles have different speeds from cars in the city streets, and in traffic jams motorcyclists try to pass the cars which causes accidents and the first affected is the owner of the motorcycle. I myself had an accident before and was taken to the hospital," Abdul Latif Bahi said. 

"The people in Marrakech prefer motorcycles because they are cheaper than cars. Many families cannot purchase cars, and bikes are not fast enough. Even those who have cars cannot dispense with their motorcycles," he said.

Mahdi Wehbe, a young man, told Anadolu of Agency: "Motorcycles are preferred here in Marrakech, especially by women. They help you accomplish your needs very quickly."

Marrakesh is Morocco’s fourth most populous city and is located in the center of the country, with an estimated area of about 230 square kilometers.

It has a population of more than one million, out of Morocco’s total population of nearly 33 million people, according to official estimates.

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