Morocco prosecutor rules out foul play in minister's death

Investigations rule that the death of minister was the result of a train accident and have ruled out foul play.

Morocco prosecutor rules out foul play in minister's death
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Moroccan prosecution authorities on Friday ruled out foul play in the December 7 death of late Minister of State Abdellah Baha, saying the official had been killed in a rail accident and that prosecutors had therefore decided to call off investigations.

Based on investigations carried out by the prosecutor's office, an autopsy and witness testimony, "the death of State Minister Abdellah Baha on December 7 was the result of a train accident," Casablanca Appellate Court Prosecutor Al-Hassan Matar said in statement.

"The prosecution, therefore, has decided to shelve the investigation," Matar said.

Several Moroccan personalities and social media activists had cast doubts on the government's official account of the death of Baha, who had served as secretary-general of the Islamist Justice and Development Party, which is headed by Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane.

Earlier this month, the party's general secretariat declared that, after having reviewed the circumstances Baha's death, it had concluded that the minister's demise had been an "act of God."

The party had gone on to urge its supporters "and those concerned with the circumstances of the accident to refrain from spreading rumors and wait for the results of investigations."


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