Morsi says July 3 military coup 'treason,' is 'collapsing'

"Our country will retain its lost stability only when the people realize that what happened was a mere military coup and treason," Morsi says.

Morsi says July 3 military coup 'treason,' is 'collapsing'

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Ousted president Mohamed Morsi on Tuesday told lawyers that there could be no reconciliation with officials responsible for the bloodshed seen in the country following his July 3 ouster by the military, a lawyer said.

On Tuesday, lawyers visited Morsi at Alexandria's Burg al-Arab Prison to discuss legal strategy, given the ousted leader's refusal to accept formal representation.

Morsi was flown to the maximum-security prison last week after appearing in court with seven other defendants to answer charges that he had "incited the murder" of demonstrators last year.

Morsi has refused to recognize the trial's legitimacy and has thus far refused to accept legal representation.

Morsi has insisted that what happened to him was "a full-fledged military coup" and "treason" to both God and the people of Egypt.

"Our country will retain its lost stability only when the people realize that what happened was a mere military coup and treason," Morsi said in a message to the Egyptian people, read out by a lawyer who visited him Tuesday in his Alexandria jail.

"We will go back to the lost stability only when all the effects of the coup are eliminated and transgressors are brought to account," Morsi stressed.

Lawyer Ayman Nahed, a member of the defense team representing other defendants in the case, said that Morsi had conveyed his greetings to the Egyptian people, vowing to remain "steadfast" in the face of his accusers.

"The president informed the legal team that he had not bowed to any pressure or to those who had tried to reach compromises with him," Nahed, who met with team members after they visited Morsi, told Anadolu Agency.

"My blood is no more precious than that of those Egyptians martyred in pursuit of freedom and [democratic] legitimacy," lawyers quoted Morsi as saying, referring to the hundreds of demonstrators killed in an ongoing crackdown by the military-backed authorities on opponents of Morsi's ouster.

Lawyer said Morsi 'steadfast, standing his ground, refused to answer interrogators' questions.

Morsi still does not recognize his trial and has not yet named a lawyer to defend him in court, the legal team representing the defendants in the same trial said.

"Morsi remains steadfast and is standing his ground," lawyer Mohamed al-Damati told a press briefing in Cairo on outcome of their meeting with Morsi at Burg al-Arab prison a day earlier.

Morsi has refused to recognize the trial's legitimacy and told the presiding judge he still represented the legitimate president of Egypt.

Sources with the legal team had told AA earlier that team members planned to convey a message on Wednesday from the ousted leader to the Egyptian people.

The message will be read out during a planned press conference held by members of the defense team to announce the results of their Tuesday meeting with Morsi.

Mohamed al-Damati, a spokesman for the lawyers representing other trial defendants, had earlier said that the legal team would attempt to convince Morsi to appoint a lawyer for his defense. Otherwise, he stressed, the court would assign one to him.

Under Egyptian law, the court must provide a criminal defendant with a lawyer if the defendant fails to do so.

However, if Morsi were to name a defense team, al-Damati explained, this wouldn't mean that he had recognized the trial's legality or relinquished his constitutional legitimacy.

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