Nigeria hit by labour disputes over unpaid salaries

Nearly three years after the country was declared free from the virus, he and six colleagues say they are still owed money.

Nigeria hit by labour disputes over unpaid salaries

World Bulletin / News Desk

Kenneth Madiebo isn't seeking global recognition for helping to stop the spread of Ebola in Nigeria in 2014 -- he just wants to be paid.

Now, after appeals for payment fell on deaf ears, they're taking the government to court to claim what they say is 36 months of back pay totalling nearly $450,000 (375,000 euros).

Madiebo, who as incident manager at the Ebola emergency operations centre in Lagos, risked his life at the front line of the response to the outbreak, said he can't understand it. 

"We all agree that we did our jobs very well. We handled all of it," the public health specialist told AFP.

But his is not an isolated case: the government is currently facing a series of long-running disputes, mostly about salary arrears, and a culture of late and non-payment.


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