Over 45 Anglophone secessionists extradited to Cameroon

Government spokesman says secessionists extradited from Nigeria will be tried for alleged crimes in Cameroon

Over 45 Anglophone secessionists extradited to Cameroon

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A group of 47 Cameroon Anglophone secessionists, including their leader Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe have been extradited from Nigeria to Cameroon, according to Cameroonian media reports Tuesday.

The reports quoting government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said the secessionists had been handed over to the Cameroonian judiciary and would be tried for their alleged crimes.

''Under the leadership of their respective heads of state, the Cameroonian and Nigerian government reaffirm their commitment to never tolerate that their territories be used as a hideout to undertake destabilizing activities against one of them,'' Bakary said late Monday night, according to Cameroon Tribune.

''The Cameroon government takes this opportunity to commend the excellent bilateral cooperation between Cameroon and Nigeria, especially with regard to security,'' he added.

Cameroonian separatists, including Ayuk Tabe, were arrested in Nigerian capital Abuja early January.

Ayuk Tabe was arrested on allegations he was involved in underground meetings against the Republic of Cameroon.

Femi Falana, counsel to the separatists, said late Monday the extradition of “freedom fighters while a suit challenging their unlawful detention subsists is not only shameful but totally unacceptable.

"The decision of the Nigerian government to secretly deport the freedom fighters is a shame. It is against the rule of law and it is sad that Cameroon is celebrating such shameless action."

Last week, Falana gave Abuja a 48-hour ultimatum to release all separatists or face legal action after accusing the government of denying them basic rights guaranteed to refugees under the law.

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