Prominent Sudan rights activist accused of 'espionage'

Khartoum accuses Mudawi Ibrahim Adam of ‘spying’ and ‘tarnishing Sudan’s reputation’

Prominent Sudan rights activist accused of 'espionage'

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A prominent Sudanese human rights advocate could face the death penalty after being accused Monday by the Sudanese authorities of espionage.

Mudawi Ibrahim Adam was arrested last September amid accusations that he was involved in an Amnesty International report that alleged that Khartoum had used chemical weapons against civilians in Darfur.

Adam’s continued detention has drawn international criticism, while activists have launched an online media campaign to show solidarity with the detained rights advocate.

On Monday, Prosecutor-General Babiker Abdul Latif said in court that Ibrahim stood accused of engaging in “espionage” against Sudan, tarnishing the country’s image, threatening national security, and undermining the constitution, among other serious charges.

“He has also operated a terrorist and criminal organization, while preparing fabricated reports about chemical weapons usage [by the government] in Darfur,” Abdul Latif asserted.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Nabil Adeeb, head of Ibrahim’s defense team, described the government’s case against his client as “weak” and “fabricated”.

“We know these are trumped-up charges,” he said. “They are merely intended to keep Mr. Mudawi… in jail for a long time.”

In a report released last September, U.K.-based Amnesty International accused Khartoum of using chemical arms against civilians in Sudan’s western Darfur region.

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