Protestors burn Kenyan police post over slain trio

Station where 3 alleged victims of extra-judicial killings were held by police torched

Protestors burn Kenyan police post over slain trio

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Protests over the killing of a human rights lawyer and two other men in Kenya saw an angry mob burn down the police base where they were allegedly held before being killed on Wednesday.

The deaths of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client, motorcycle taxi rider Josephat Mwenda, and taxi driver Jospeh Muruiri have sparked demonstrations against extra-judicial killings allegedly carried out by police.

Their bodies were discovered Friday in a river 70 kilometers (43 miles) northeast of Nairobi. They had been beaten around the head and strangled.

Four police officers are currently in custody as the investigation is carried out with the help of the U.S. FBI.

On Wednesday, thousands of motorcycle taxi riders went to the police post in Syokimau, to the south of Nairobi, which had been cordoned off as a crime scene.

When a lawmaker arrived, protestors began pouring gasoline inside the police building before setting it ablaze. Police stood by as the angry crowd torched the building and any possible evidence inside.

Kennedy Kiraru, the area assistant county commissioner, said that the protestors had destroyed valuable evidence. “What led to this was the death of three people,” he said.

“The story around here is that they were held here. We were warned of an attack like this yesterday. The attack was done by motorcycle riders in solidarity with their fallen comrade.

“That was a crime a scene, which is very unfortunate if it is true that the crime happened here. A substantial piece of the evidence was destroyed that is why we condemn it.”

Kimani, Mwenda and Muruiri were last seen on June 23 at the Mavoko Law Court to the southeast of Nairobi, when Kimani lodged a complaint against police for allegedly shooting Mwenda in the arm during a traffic stop.

Meanwhile, lawyers thronged the streets of the capital Nairobi for a second day this week. The Law Society of Kenya has called for the demonstrations and a boycott of court work in protest at the killings

Lawyer Edwin Sifuna said they were demanding the resignation of Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery and Inspector General of Police Jospeh Boinett.

“We want to make it absolutely clear that the people who bear the responsibility for what has happened must leave office immediately,” he said. “That way we are sure we will get people who are keen on police reforms in these offices.”

Fellow advocate Olao Victor added: “We are here to make a statement that enough is enough. We cannot have people being killed, whether a lawyer, a taxi driver or anybody, recklessly by the police service… Today should be the last day extrajudicial killings are being heard of in Kenya.”


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