Resign or face ouster, S. Sudan's Machar tells Kiir

Speaking from Nairobi, Riek Machar warns South Sudanese president to step down or be overthrown.

Resign or face ouster, S. Sudan's Machar tells Kiir

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 South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar has threatened to lead the ouster of President Salva Kiir if he fails to vacate office. 

While speaking to a news conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, Machar said that Kiir’s term in office had expired and that the people of South Sudan had every right to rise up and overthrow him if he fails to leave office.

“The SPLM would therefore like to categorically declare the government of Salva Kiir, the National legislature, the state governments, the state legislative assemblies as unconstitutional and illegitimate as of midnight of July, 8 2015,” Machar said. “The SPLM appeals to President Salva Kiir to resign from office and dissolve his entire government.” 

“It is now an established rule internationally and regionally that any group of people who assume state power unconstitutionally should not be recognized,” Machar said.

He accused Kiir of trying to amend the constitution to extend his rule by three years.

“Early attempts by the various legislatures at national and state levels to rescue their respective constitutions by way of pretentions to amend their constitutions to extend their terms of offices by three years could not have saved the situation legally,” Machar said.

The civil war, which has left more than a million people in South Sudan displaced, started in December 2013. 


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