S. Sudan sets elections for June 2015

Election timetable could be modified if a peace agreement was reached between warring camps of Sudan.

S. Sudan sets elections for June 2015
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South Sudan will hold general elections at the end of June of next year, the country's National Elections Commission has said.

At a Wednesday press conference in capital Juba, Commission Chairman Abednego Akok said that the polls would take place based on voter information collected in 2010.

Akok added, however, that the country faced a number of elections-related challenges, including a lack of necessary funds.

Nevertheless, he said the polls were the only means of settling a dispute over the expiry of the current government's constitutional mandate, which will end on July 9 of next year.

Akok said elections would be held in all of the fledgling country's ten states, including areas affected by the ongoing political conflict.

The election timetable, he noted, could be modified if a peace agreement was reached between South Sudan's warring camps.

Akok's remarks mean that South Sudan, which has been rocked by conflict since December of last year, will hold both presidential and parliamentary elections next June.

The National Legislative Council (the upper chamber of parliament) includes 300 members, while the Council of States (lower chamber of parliament) includes 20 members.

South Sudan held its last presidential election in 2010, which was won by President Salva Kiir.

The country gained its independence from Sudan in 2011, following years of bloody fighting.

Sudan's 18 opposition parties object to holding general elections before the current conflict has been resolved.

Clashes first erupted on December 15 of last year, which Kiir was quick to portray as a "coup attempt" by Riek Machar, his sacked vice-president, and the latter's supporters.

The conflict has since claimed tens of thousands of lives, displaced nearly two million people, and left about four million people at risk of food insecurity, according to humanitarian agencies.

In recent months, the warring camps have held on-again, off-again peace talks in Addis Ababa, which have so far failed to yield any tangible results. 


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