Senegal announces new 39-minister cabinet

Several ministers replaced, 18 retain positions

Senegal announces new 39-minister cabinet

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Prime Minister Mohammed Dionne on Friday announced a new cabinet of 39 ministers two months after the National Assembly elections.

Several ministers were replaced while 18 maintained their positions.

Interior Minister Abdoulaye Diallo was transferred to the Ministry of Transport. He was replaced by Alie Ndiaye, another influential member of the ruling party.

Dionne said the new cabinet will meet the expectations of the Senegalese people.

"The president believes the new cabinet will create more jobs and wealth by strengthening local production," he added.

New ministries such as those for good governance and child protection, micro-finance, and mines and geology have been created.

Former President Abdoulaye Wade, who heads an opposition party, said the new cabinet was just a move to satisfy the current president's close friends.


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