Soldiers opened fire on public in Egypt, acitivists say

A young activist sheltering in Al Fatih Mosque in Cairo informed that soldiers were throwing tear gas inside the closed areas and killed more than 120

Soldiers opened fire on public in Egypt, acitivists say

World Bulletin / News Desk

Hundreds of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, including women and children, took refuge in Al Fatih Mosque in Cairo after dozens of fellow protesters had been killed by security forces in the square on Friday.

"We were trapped inside the mosque without food and water. In the meantime, a woman lost her life because of lack of respiration. They could not fire more tear gas because there were journalists inside. Since they found out about the journalists' presence, they did not attempt an entire attack into the mosque," said an activist, describing the horrific scenes from recent Egypt massacre.

It was stated that near the security guards, there were axemen with pump rifles, guns and some sharp objects.

"They made an agreement to release the people inside, but women were taken to the police station while men were shot dead. As soon as the soldiers entered the mosque, they arrested the journalists as they wanted to break up the communication between the public and the world," Egyptian activist said.

The activist said that as well as the police, axemen and soldiers opened fire on them and even helicopters threw some tear gas. Police burnt the police station in order to accuse the protesters for it.

More than 181 people were killed Friday in mass rallies by Morsi supporters in several Egyptian cities, which were held to protest Wednesday's violent dispersal of two main protest sites in Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya Square and Giza's Nahda Square.

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