Someone to want chaos in Sudan: Gov't

Sudan government spokesman makes a press announcement about the protests blaming some persons and groups for organizing armed assaults on the demonstrators

Someone to want chaos in Sudan: Gov't

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Sudan government spokesman Omar Mohamad Salih claimed in a press announcement that some persons and groups kill the demonstrators to cause chaos in the country.

Salih said, "Interior Minister Ibrahim Mahmud Hameed has filed a report that reveals some persons and groups organize armed assault on the demonstrators and lay the blame on government."

Some of the attackers have been identified while the others are sought Salid said, and he stressed peaceful protests are permitted however activitsts' resorting to violence can not be accepted.

"Thirty five people, one of whom was police, were killed. 35 gas stations, 9 pharmacies, 8 police centres, 81 check points, 5 banks, 23 state buildings, 35 police cars and 40 private cars were damaged and became unusable," Salih clarified the balance sheet of the demonstrations.

Sudanese people are protesting the government's fuel subsidy removal since September 22.


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Muhammed Öylek