South Sudan soldiers jailed for murder

11 soldiers appeared before court-martial, 1 acquitted for lack of evidence

South Sudan soldiers jailed for murder

Ten South Sudanese soldiers have been sentenced to life in prison and to varying jail terms for raping aid workers and killing a local journalist, and looting property in a hotel rampage in the capital Juba in 2016, the military said Thursday.

According to Brigadier General Knight Briano, the army court had delivered its ruling based on the findings of an investigation report.

Eleven soldiers appeared before the court-martial on Thursday but one was acquitted for lack of evidence, he said.

"Some soldiers, who were found guilty of murdering the local journalist, have been sentenced to life in prison, others accused of raping of aid workers, thefts get seven and fourteen years in jail, [respectively],” he added

In July 2016, the attack on foreign aid workers took place as President Kiir's government troops won a three-day battle in Juba over opposition forces loyal to former Vice President Riek Machar.

The United Nations investigators and human rights groups accused both South Sudanese government forces loyal to Kiir and former rebels backing opposition leader Riek Machar of ethnically-targeted atrocities, including extrajudicial execution of civilians and rapes since the war began in 2013, and say the crimes almost always go unpunished.