Sudan vice president says there is need for referendum on Abyei issue

However, there is a disagreement on who will going to vote on the referendum, said Taha.

Sudan vice president says there is need for referendum on Abyei issue

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First-vice president of Sudan has said that there was a need for referendum in terms of the issue of Abyei region, which is located between Sudan and South Sudan, could not sort out during the negotiations between leaders of Sudan and South Sudan in Addis Ababa previous week.

"There was no assent over the Abyei region issue. Ethnic mixture is the matter. A referendum should be held for the solution of the problem. Following the referendum, people who live in the region will decide which side they would join," Ali Osman Taha told Anadolu Agency on Monday in an exclusive interview.

However, there is a disagreement on who will going to vote on the referendum, said Taha.

Taha stated that while his government demanded all groups including nomadic was able to vote on the referendum, South Sudan government demanded only settled groups should vote.

Taha said that several problems sorted out during the negotiation previous week in Ethiopia's capital city Addis Ababa.

Taha stressed that in terms of security, money flow and boundary conflict issues were cleared up.

Sudan and South Sudan found acceptable Africa Union's advise to build 14 miles buffer zone in the sense of boundary conflict, said Taha, adding that opposition groups made a commitment not to pass over the region.

Taha stated that the oil export and the row over how much the South Sudan should pay in transit fees were other issues solved during the meeting.

"There will be no oil flow straightaway unless holding meetings with oil companies and lack of equipment were fulfilled.

Stating that oil export would assist to South Sudan in terms of enliven its economy, "South Sudan decided to shut down oil production earlier this year. Following this decision, people in that country suffered a lot and they began to apply pressure to the government. Before their oppress South Sudan had never consider an agreement with Sudan," Taha said.

Touching upon developments over the Nile Project, Taha said that there was going to be built a new barrage over the river.

Stating that they would work together with the new administration in Egypt on lack of food, telecommunication and transportation issues, Taha said there was also consensus over using the waters of Nile river.

"We are not using the river's water with 100 percent capacity. We do demand to take advantages of it, in the light of these, we are going to build new barrages on the river. The barrages will not be a problem for countries in the region, because we are going to build them following the articles of the Nile Waters Agreement of 1951," said Taha.

Taha also said that they were going to ink a new agreement with the countries of Nile river basin.
First-Vice President of Sudan also praised Turkey-Sudan relations.

Stating that he was mentioning Turkey's contribution to Sudan on every occasion, "In terms of humanitarian aid, Turkey has always been supporting us. In health sector, Turkey is not only providing technical support, but also training our medical personnel. The general hospital that is erected by Turkey in Darfur is the best example of Turkey's support in this sector. I thank Turkey from the bottom of my heart" said Taha.
Praising Turkey's success in recent years in the sense of economic growth, Taha stated that they were taking Turkey as a role model.

Speaking about Syria crisis, Taha said that a military intervention would be a wrong choice to sort the problem out.
Taha noted that Syria issue was not only Syria's problem, it was also a problem of whole Islamic world.
"A military intervention will deepen the crisis in the country. Not only it will escalate the instability in the country, but also it would establish a ground for international powers interference," Taha said.

Taha called on Damascus administration to accept Arab League's advises over the issue.



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