Sudan's vice president condemns crackdown on protesters

Al-Mahdi said security forces who used inordinate force against protesters would be held to account

Sudan's vice president condemns crackdown on protesters

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The death of 34 protesters by police over the last week was condemned by Sudan's Deputy President Abdur Rahman Sadiq al-Mahdi on Monday.

Hundreds took the streets on September 22 after petrol subsidies were cut causing price of petrol to almost double. Oil prices at the pump have shot up to 20.8 Sudanese pounds ($4.71) a gallon from 12.5 pounds ($2.83), while diesel has risen from 8.5 pounds a gallon to 13.9 pounds.

Al-Mahdi condemned the harsh police intervention that led to the deaths of 34 people, however, the actual death toll is believed to be higher.

Al-Mahdi noted that peaceful protest was a civil right, promising accountability for security forces that attempted to thwart it, as well as protesters responsible for material damage to public property.

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Muhammed Öylek

Alaa Hamdi
Alaa Hamdi - 9 yıl Önce

You are bound ethics to be objective &.not just repeat the regime propaganda. 1st the number of victims is not what you stated it's more than 160 as confirmed by hospitals morgues. Second you repeat the propaganda that the photos and videos are fake. Lord, they have names and have families and have friends and this is public domain info. You only show a damaged gas station but no victim. Shame!!!!