Tension erupts between Burundi security, students

Protesting students seek opening of universities amid unrest over president seeking controversial third term

Tension erupts between Burundi security, students

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Burundi police started an operation Thursday against at least 2,000 university students who have been protesting a shutdown on universities across country.

On Thursday, the students gathered in capital Bujumbura in front of the U.S. Embassy in what they said was a bid to reclaim their right to education.

On April 29, the country’s education ministry announced that all state universities were closed, after which hundreds of students have started camping outside the embassy, seeking U.S. involvement to resolve the issue.

At least 500 students have started to live in the camp but today police warned them Thursday saying they need to leave or would be removed by force.

One student climbed over the Embassy gate but the police stopped him, says the Anadolu Agency correspondent at the scene.

"They are inside the Embassy, sitting at the parking lot," the police commissioner Arcade Niyongere said.

“U.S. officials and Burundian police have removed our camp to prevent us from entering the parking area but we only demand a future,” Philemon Ndikunkiko, one of the students said.

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