Tunisia says foiled several Daesh attacks

Interior ministry says several ISIL attacks were thwarted this month

Tunisia says foiled several Daesh attacks

Tunisian security forces have thwarted several attacks by the Daesh terrorist group, Interior Minister Hisham al-Furati said on Monday. 

“Plots by Daesh-linked groups to carry out suicide attacks against security and military forces were foiled this month,” al-Furati told parliament. 

The minister said terrorist threats have been on the rise in Tunisia. 

He cited the arrest of a Daesh militant “who has turned his house into a place to manufacture explosives and poisonous gases”. 

“This man was planning a series of terrorist attacks in the capital this month against security and military targets,” the minister said. 

He also cited the arrest of another Daesh militant, who was planning a vehicular attack against security and military personnel. 

Last month, a woman blew herself up in the capital Tunis, killing herself and injuring dozens.