Tunisian PM rejects resignations

On Saturday, Afek Tounes announced withdrawal from government in protest of 2018 budget

Tunisian PM rejects resignations

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Tunisian Prime Minister Yusuf al-Shahid Monday rejected the resignations of four members of his cabinet from the Afek Tounes political party, Tunisia Africa Press Agency (TAP) reported.

Four cabinet members from Afek Tounes political party submitted earlier on Monday resignations to Prime Minister Yusuf al-Shahid.

“I decided to keep them in their posts, as the interest of Tunisia and the State is above all partisan calculations,” Yusuf al-Shahid added according to TAP.

On Saturday, Afek Tounes, a liberal party, announced its withdrawal from the government in protest of the 2018 budget.

The current Tunisian government includes the Nidaa Tounes liberal party, the Ennahda Movement party, Afek Tounes, the centrist Reğublican party, and the leftist Social Democratic Path.

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