Ugandan military says over 100 extremists killed in DRC

Security forces of Uganda, DRC launch joint operation after ADF extremists killed 14 UN peacekeepers

Ugandan military says over 100 extremists killed in DRC

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The Ugandan military on Monday said that more than 100 extremists have been killed in airstrikes on their 8 camps in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ronald Kakurungo, Uganda Peoples Defence Force's spokesman, told Anadolu Agency on phone that they have launched a joint operation with the Congolese army to deal with Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) extremists.

The operation started a few days after the extremists killed 14 UN peacekeepers, including 5 Congolese soldiers, and injured over 50 peacekeepers.

“We launched a joint operation on December 22. The Ugandan army operates from within Uganda while DRC army fights the extremists from inside Congo, Kakurungo said.

He said that the Ugandan forces has been carrying out airstrikes and using artillery from the border district of Bundibugyo.

“Through intelligence and coordination with the DRC army we can confirm that 8 bases of ADF extremists have been destroyed and over 100 extremists killed. The army in DRC is pursuing the extremists who survived the airstrikes,” said Kakurungo.

Lieutenant Thomas Muhindo, Congolese security officer in eastern DRC, also said the airstrikes and long artillery by Ugandan army had destroyed the ADF bases.

He said the joint operation was agreed on intelligence reports that the extremists were planning to attack Uganda.

The ADF, a Ugandan extremist group based in the country’s east, is made up of several groups opposed to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. They have been active in the east since 1995 and have been blamed for the killings of hundreds of civilians around Beni.

The ADF extremists have left their political demands behind as they are mostly involved in trafficking minerals in the country’s gold-rich east.

On Aug. 4, Museveni and his Congolese counterpart agreed to establish military cooperation and exchange information in the fight against the ADF.

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