UN warns of M23 rebel group's resurgence in DRC

Congolese rebels M23 are regrouping in northeastern DRC after December peace agreement.

UN warns of M23 rebel group's resurgence in DRC

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Congolese rebel group M23 could be resurrecting their rebellion in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the UN Security Council was warned on Monday.

Martin Kobler, the UN special representative in DRC, said the rebels appear to be regrouping in the Ituri province.

He called on the DRC government to speed up the disarmament of M23 rebels.

"At the same time, I call upon the governments of Uganda and Rwanda to do everything possible to prevent M23 elements from sheltering or training troops on their territory. We should tolerate no military re-emergence of the M23," he said.

An agreement between the government and rebels, signed in Nairobi in December, halted the rebellion launched in April 2012 and requires the insurgent group to demobilize its fighters and transform itself into a political party.

The Rwandan and Ugandan governments deny allegations they support the M23 rebellion but a UN report leaked in December said the rebels have been recruiting in Rwanda.

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