UN,US condemn attack in northern Sinai Peninsula

Monday's attack killed 25 Egyptian policemen and left two others wounded, the US State Department said it was "deeply troubled" by the deaths and the violence all across Egypt

UN,US condemn attack in northern Sinai Peninsula

World Bulletin/News Desk

Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned Monday's attack in the northern Sinai Peninsula which killed 25 Egyptian policemen and left two others wounded.

Ban also expressed his concern over the deaths of Muslim Brotherhood members who were kept in prison, in a statement issued Monday.

The perpetrators are expected to be identified immediately and judged, said the statement. Ban also asked for a detailed investigation into the incident in which 36 people died in police custody on Sunday.

Spokeswoman of United States State Department Jen Psaki also said on Monday US condemned the attack against Egyptian security forces in Sinai.

"We strongly condemned the attacks against the security forces in Sinai as well as the continuing violence and attacks in Egypt. We seriously deplore the attacks targeting 40 Coptic Churches and other Christian institutions. We are "deeply troubled" by the unexpected deaths of Muslim Brotherhood" said Psaki.

Psaki, calling on Egyptians to refrain from violence, said "There is no place for violence in Egypt."

Meanwhile, Spokesman of White House Josh Earnest said a large number of people in peaceful protests were victim of the violence of interim government.

Earnest stated that the interim government "failed" in keeping its promises and respecting the human rights, and added:

"This is a situation that we condemn."

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WisdomSpeak1 - 8 yıl Önce

These 25 policemen can be "quickened" back to life! Time is of the essence!