US and Tunisia launch joint navy exercise

US and Tunisia navies will begin tactical exercises on Tuesday.

US and Tunisia launch joint navy exercise

World Bulletin / News Desk

A US navy ship arrived on Sunday at Port La Goulette in Tunis to attend a joint training exercise with the Tunisian Navy on Tuesday. 

The U.S. will conduct maritime operations with “several African nations” on different facets of naval operation, including “damage control, visits and ship boardings, medical drills, and maneuvering exercises,” according to the official U.S. Navy website.

“Tunisia is the second stop for the U.S.S. Elrod after a Morocco port visit,” said U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia Jacob Walles in an interview with the Hannibal television aboard the U.S.S. Elrod.

“The ship is here to strengthen military cooperation between the United States and Tunisia.”

“We are here in Tunisia to promote partnership and training with the Tunisian Navy,” added U.S. Commander Brad Stallings.

“We can learn from one another.”

Tunisian Minister of Defense Ghazi Jeribi told Hannibal that the trainings were “at the invitation of the American Navy,” adding that Tunisia’s goal is “to strengthen cooperation with our friends for the best interest of our nation.”


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