Violence flares in Egypt as students protest arrests

Anti-riot policemen stormed the Al-Azhar University branch in the Nile Delta province of Daqahliya, fired teargas on students who staged a protest to demand the release their detained colleagues

Violence flares in Egypt as students protest arrests

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Egyptian police on Monday stormed the campus of Al-Azhar University's Nile Delta branch, where they arrested a number of students for staging a protest.

Anti-riot police stormed Al-Azhar's branch in the Nile Delta province of Daqahliya, where they used teargas to disperse student supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi who had staged protests to demand the release of detained colleagues.

Protesters raised images of detained classmates and chanted slogans critical of Egypt's police and military apparatuses.

Eyewitnesses, meanwhile, said police had arrested a number of student protesters after cordoning off the university building and preventing students from leaving.

Anadolu Agency could not obtain immediate comment from the Interior Ministry regarding the eyewitness reports.

Violent clashes also erupted at Alexandria University between students who oppose Egypt's current authorities and the staff of a private security firm hired to secure the university gates.

Student protesters torched one of the metal detectors installed by the firm at the university.

At Cairo University, members of the teaching staff protested amendments introduced recently to Egypt's Universities Law granting university presidents the right to expel students – and teachers – without any investigation.

Egyptian campuses were overwhelmed by student protests on Sunday – the second day of the new academic year at the nation's universities.

Students who oppose the current authorities and support ousted president Morsi were accused of destroying metal detectors installed at some universities, committing acts of violence and prompting the staff of a private security firm to flee.

On Saturday, the pro-Morsi "Students against the Coup" movement called on university students to stage "uprisings" this week on their respective campuses.


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