Alabama 'bans' Sharia law that not exist in the state

In Tuesday's U.S. elections, Alabama voted that state courts never rule according to sharia law.

Alabama 'bans' Sharia law that not exist in the state

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Sharia law has been “banned” by Alabama in the US – even though it has never been part of the state’s legal system.
Under the “American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment”, it is now illegal for judges to apply any foreign law if it violates citizens’ existing rights.

Voters passed Amendment One on Tuesday, which despite being worded to encompass any foreign law, sprang from a specifically anti-Sharia bill first proposed almost four years ago.

Senator Gerald Allen’s original attempt, the “Sharia Law Amendment” was dropped after a similar move was blocked in Oklahoma because it was found to unconstitutionally limit religious freedoms.

Randy Brinson, a member of opposition group Christians Against Amendment One, called it a “tremendous waste of effort,” in an interview with Birmingham News last week.

“Sharia law is not going to be implemented in Alabama, it just isn't,” he said.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said Amendment One was part of an Islamophobic trend to “stigmatise Muslims as a group from which the US needs protection”.

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Muhammed Öylek