Americans mark historic 'March on Washington'

Americans marked the fiftieth anniversary of "March on Washington"

Americans mark historic 'March on Washington'

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Tens of thousands of Americans in Washington marched Saturday to mark the historic "March on Washington" on its fiftieth anniversary as part of a week-long commemorative program across the nation.

The 1963 rally for "jobs and freedom" was one of the largest human rights rallies in US history, where civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famed "I Have a Dream" speech.

This year, US Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the gathering in front of Lincoln Memorial in a speech that celebrated the legacy of the first marchers in 1963.

"They marched - in spite of animosity, oppression, and brutality - because they believed in the greatness of what this nation could become and despaired of the founding promises not kept," Holder said.

The march on Saturday attracted a broad gathering from various groups in society, with presentations aiming to voice concerns and sensitivities of individual groups and contribute to the collective fight against discrimination.

"As we gather today, 50 years later, their march - now our march - goes on. And our focus has broadened to include the cause of women, of Latinos, of Asian Americans, of lesbians, of gays, of people with disabilities, and of countless others across this country who still yearn for equality, opportunity, and fair treatment," Holder said.

The program will continue through August 28, the actual date of 1963 “March on Washington”.

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