California votes were 'stolen' from Sanders....

Complicated voting rules has meant that tens of thousands of NPP voters having had their vote suppressed.

California votes were 'stolen' from Sanders....

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The complexities of voting guidelines have been compounded by state election rules in the state of California which had originally intended to maximize participation. Late party registration deadlines, which met a surge of registrations in California, have been followed by reports that voter rolls were not always complete at L.A. County’s thousands of far-flung voting sites on election day.

In addition, there was “a lot of confusion” about vote-by-mail ballots, said Amy Gottstein, 48, a poll inspector in Santa Monica. “People would say, ‘Yeah, I requested it, but I never received it.’”

There are 4.2 million voters in California registered NPP (No Party Preference) voters who were behind Bernie Sanders which in numbers meant that he was the choice over Hillary Clinton by 40%. Registered Democrats preferred Clinton by 30% - which meant the California fight came down to the NPP's and Democrats.

In some counties like Los Angeles, it was nearly impossible for NPP to claim their right to vote in the Democratic primary unless they used specific words to do so. According to Greg Palast in an article on his website dated June 7, uttering the words “I want a Democratic crossover ballot,” was necessary at the polls for the NPP voter and if not uttered, the voter was automatically given a ballot without the presidential race.

Needless to say bureacracy stood in the way at the voting polls and Sanders campaign was spending time talking policy at giant rallies instead of educating their voters on how to vote.

According to Palast's article, there had not even been enough "crossover" ballots printed with voters who insisted on voting made to demand a recorded local vote using the voice recorders set up for the disabled. By failing to provide a voting guide it has been suggested the voter suppression worked against Bernie Sanders.


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