Canadian VW owners eligible for $2.1 billion settlement

105,000 get between $5,100-$8,000 in emissions scandal

Canadian VW owners eligible for $2.1 billion settlement

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Canadian Volkswagen and Audi owners have become eligible as of Friday to file claims for $2.1 billion in compensation after an Ontario court approved the settlement earlier this week.

The 105,000 who leased or owned specific vehicles with two-liter diesel engines filed a class action lawsuit after it was proved Volkswagen cheated on its emission figures, portraying the vehicles as more environmentally friendly than they actually were, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Each owner will receive a payment between (CAN)$5,100 and $8,000, depending on the vehicle.

In addition to the cash settlement, many can surrender their car and receive a buy-back price established by the September 2015 Clean Trade Vehicle Value, the Canadian Press wire service reported. Or, the owners can keep the vehicle and have it refitted with an emissions modification approved by government regulators, the court ruled.

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