Charlottesville's mayor slams Trump over rising hate

President is 'bringing to light' hate in the country, says Nikuyah Walker

Charlottesville's mayor slams Trump over rising hate

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Charlottesville, Virginia’s first black female mayor said Thursday she holds President Donald Trump responsible for encouraging the rise of hate in America.

"It's clear from the action of this president, 45 -- that's probably the first time I've said 'president' with this administration -- that a lot of the hate that we're dealing with, he's bringing to light," Nikuyah Walker said during an interview with CBS News.

The city is internationally known for the violence that broke out on Aug. 12, 2017 when hundreds of white nationalists and neo-Nazis that had gathered there for a rally clashed with counter-protesters, leaving one counter-protester dead and more than 30 others injured.

Walker took office in January this year as the first African-American woman elected mayor of Charlottesville.

She said that since becoming mayor, she has not heard from any Trump administration officials about the violent protests last August, and she was not interested in hearing from them now.

 "Not this particular White House," she added.


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