Crusader culture alive in the US military

The Crusader culture is alive and well in the US military after an investigation has found that a company that provides the US military with camouflage uniforms also anti-Islamic paraphernelia.

Crusader culture alive in the US military

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The Crusader culture and the hate language used to dehumanise and humiliate Muslims has been take to a new low with the uncovering of a hate culture of Muslims within the US military. An online news service, Islamophobia Today have uncovered facts indicating that the pervasive “Crusader” sub-culture is alive and well not just within the internet world of forums but also heavily in the US military.

It has been discovered that a company, Crye Precision, that provides the US military with Multicam camouflage uniforms is also the same company involved in the anti-Muslim/Islam trade with a brand of “Infidel” themed clothing wear and accessories. E-stores are becoming popular, as well as large chains such as SEARS, who to this day are selling the anti-Muslim/Islam branded commodities.

A particularly concerning piece product is called Silver Bullet Gun or SBGO. The gun oil that is manufactured contains 13% liquefied pork fat, and comes with the selling point it claims that it sends Muslims ‘straight to hell’ if a shooter uses the product in their weapons. The hate language used is sending a message to those in the US military that it pushing an agenda of Holy War against Muslims.

Although there is some concern amongst soldiers regarding this sub-culture, there are many American who soldiers  are purchasing these goods and are displaying them. It begs the question: how would the indigenous Afghani and Iraqi citizens, police, contractors, and military personnel feel if they see/saw US soldiers wearing these items?


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