FDA to approve drug that cuts heart attacks, strokes

A new drug which significantly cuts hearts attacks and strokes may be approved by the FDA this week.

FDA to approve drug that cuts heart attacks, strokes

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A federal health advisory committee this week will decide whether to approve a new class of drugs many experts believe could cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks, a leading cause of death for Americans.

The highly-anticipated new drugs have been shown in clinical trials to sharply reduce levels of bad, or LDL cholesterol.

"This is one of the biggest developments in a long time in cardiology," said Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, who is involved in clinical trials for two of the new treatments under development. "The effects of these drugs are very robust."

In order to reduce their cholesterol millions of Americans each year currently take statin drugs which adversely increase the risk of heart disease. A third of all U.S. adults, suffer from high LDL cholesterol.

Despite millions of adults taking these drugs, many can't tolerate them - this is where the new drugs will make a difference.

Even as it waits for more conclusive results, will possibly  decide to approve the two drugs this summer  based on their apparent ability to lower bad cholesterol.

Nissen noted that while the potentially high prices - costs hover around the $10,000 mark - he said, the alternatives are neither cheap nor preferable. "Bypass surgery and coronary stenting is pretty expensive," he said. "Heart attacks are not a pleasant thing."

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